Whatever your needs, there are plenty of reasons why buying an Apple Mac is a great idea.

We have put together this useful guide to the top ten reasons.


Reason #1 - It just works

Your toaster doesn’t crash. Your kitchen sink doesn’t crash. Why should your computer?

Plug it in. Turn it on. And you’re ready for anything.

- All of the essentials are built in.
- Flawless integration of hardware and software.
- Industrial-strength UNIX foundation.
- Time-tested security measures.

Think about the countless hours you would save if your computer worked when you wanted it to work and not the other way around. If your spend more of your time figuring out why your computer crashes than you spend taking out the rubbish, it’s time to get a Mac.

Reason #2 - You can make amazing stuff

- iLife applications work together to let you create practically anything you can imagine.
– Make movies
– Publish podcasts
– Create coffee-table books
– Produce a Hollywood-style DVD
– Create your own music

iLife is an integrated and comprehensive suite to help you make anything! If you have ever wanted to print and share digital photos, make a movie, publish your own podcast, produce Hollywood-style DVDs, blog about your vacation, or make beautiful music, you'll need iLife (included with every Mac).

Reason #3 - Everything-ready

- Runs other operating systems, including Windows XP and Vista.
- Comes with the latest industry-standard technology.
- No-brainer to connect digital cameras, external drives, wireless devices, you name it.
- The world’s most compatible computer.


Reason #4 - 207,684 viruses? Not on a Mac

- In 2006, there were 207,684 known viruses for PCs. Zero for Mac.
- Out-of-the-box protection comes from a superior UNIX foundation.
- A Mac secures and stores your valuables with a combination known only to you.


Reason #5 - Still the most advanced OS

The choice today is between an OS trying to catch up - and Mac OS X, leading the way.

- Do more in less time with a refined Desktop, new Finder features, Quick Look, and Spaces.
- Secure your data with Time Machine.
- Something for everyone, with over 300 new features.


Reason #6 - The latest Intel chips

What’s an Intel chip doing inside a Mac? A lot more than it ever did inside a PC. Intel processors are the most advanced chip today. And this is not just theoretical performance.

- The most advanced chip today.
- Speed up editing photos, applying special effects to movies, scrolling long web pages, and launching applications.
- Consume less energy.


Reason #7 - No hunting for drivers

- No error messages.
- No restarts.
- No drivers to install.
- If it connects using USB, FireWire, Ethernet, or Bluetooth, it’s likely to work.


Reason #8 - Design that turns heads

- Ergonomic products that are the envy of the design world.
- Space-saving elegance.
- Obsession with detail.
- Photo-realistic icons.
- Pristine video quality.


Reason #9 - Built-in iSight camera on every new iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro

- Video chat up to 4 people in a 3D view
- Record your video chats for a podcast.
- Share a photo slideshow, a Keynote presentation, a video, or even your desktop.
- GarageBand integration for professionally made music


Reason #10 - One-click websites

- Create a website - complete with videos, podcasts, photo galleries, and live web content.
- Insert videos, stock tickers, news headlines, and Google Maps.
- Use iWeb and .Mac to simplify publishing web pages.
No HTML coding
– No messy file transfer


How many more reasons do you need? Get a Mac! :-)